Project Description

Content Management


To Sum Up

I create digital content available online for e-commerce websites, among others, accessible through any mobile or desktop devices.

The content management is a multidisciplinary domain, which implies competences in several areas, besides web design itself, the usability (UX), the semantic/grammar and analytic information architecture, contents of video/audio, 3D, text, dynamic graphics and static, images, among others.

Professional Training

  • User Research

  • User Psychology

  • Trends and Future

  • Google Analytics

  • SEO Website Optimization

  • Information Architecture

  • Functional and Interaction Design


I am a full stack developer which means that I can take all the way projects in initial stages of concept until their conclusion.
I have the skills to create contents in the online platforms in front and backoffice, like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, among others.

As a result of my professional experience, I have the know-how and ability to implement projects in web design, content management of e-commerce sites, 3D, video and audio post-production, graphic design of layouts, photocomposition, artwork, pagination of magazines, branding, digital printing, among others.

I am always focused on the most innovative and effective methods to work with the best companies.


  • Fundamentals of UX / UI Design

  • Prototype Development

  • Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics

  • Adobe Illustrator for Web

  • Adobe Photoshop for the Web

  • Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Responsive Web Design and Bootstrap

  • WordPress

  • From Website to Web App

  • Rules for Creating Mobile Apps

  • Site Planning and Management

  • Optimization


Photoshop 100%
Adobe Illustrator 93%
Adobe InDesign 89%
Corel Draw 90%
Wordpress 93%
Drupal 73%
Magento 77%
Moodle 77%
Adobe Dreamweaver 93%


As a Multimedia Engineer, but above all, considering my professional experience, I have the capacity to be creative in the process of developing Websites and Web documents, combining the aesthetic and functional aspects of any project to promote the best possible experience for end users.