Project Description

Video and Audio


To Sum Up

I have academic training and professional experience for realize and editing video and audio digitaly all the way, from initial concept to the post-production, wich allows me to take the control and freedom to create sophisticated animated graphics, special effects (EFX) with extremely quality for film industry and also of its suitability to the Internet.


  • Video Capture Techniques
  • Expressiveness for the camera

  • Sound Concepts

  • Lighting Concepts

  • Argument Structure

  • Storyboard


I realize recordings, deploy video/audio post-production for design studios, advertising agencies, multimedia agencies, video, television producers and cinematographic arts, among others.


  • Effects, Transitions and Color Corrections

  • Motion Graphics Design

  • Audiovisual Distribution Techniques

  • Video Editing Techniques

  • Interactive Contents

  • Distribution for Social Networks

  • Concepts of Image and Audiovisual Language

  • Plans, frames and camera angles



Adobe After Effects 87%
Adobe Premiere Pro 89%
Adobe Audition 90%
Adobe Photoshop 100%
Final Cut Pro 85%
Adobe Encore 75%


I acquired the theoretical knowledge and the technical skills needed to enter the job market and take up a professional activity linked to video & audio post-production at design studios, advertising agencies, multimedia agencies, video and television producers.

Furthermore, I have training of specialized techniques that explore the potential of the filming, animation and lighting work, as well as the type of the cameras that should be used on the film stage.

In addition, I create the Special Effects (FX) in video or audio required for the films production industry, games and multimedia projects.